The Unlimited Universe Of You!

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Directly Below Is The Special Quantum Energized Artwork For You To Download!
~ You Can Print If Off!
~ Use To Place Food On Top To Energize And Balance Negative Energies!
~ Meditate With It!
~ Clear Your Energies With It!
~ Energize A Whole Room!
~ Place Underneath Your Bed… For Deeper More Powerful Dream Space!
~ And Much Much More Uses! ~ Thank You So Much! ~ Enjoy!
~ Below Your Specially Created Quantum Energy Images… On This Same Page! ~ I Give You An Update As To What It Is New! ~ Introducing My New Spiritual Mystical Mystery School Teachings! ~ Also ( Deep Wisdom Notes ) For You! ~ And A Thank You… Quantum Pendant Special!

Special Quantum Energized Artwork!
Created For You To Download!

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Magic of Life - Artwork

Pink Waves of Love - Artwork

Star is Born - Artwork

Golden Cross of Truth

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  • From ~ Rene – Power Of Soul ~ Mystical Magical Cosmic Divine Mystery School Spiritual Teachings! ~ I will be sharing with you and making available some of the deepest Spiritual mysteries and teachings ever to shared with mankind! ~ The next level of magical spiritual evolution is here! ~ And from beyond all beyonds… and from worlds beyond all comprehension… I will share the wisdom of the ages… that few mortals have ever laid their eyes upon! ~ We are now ready for the next level of true divine cosmic unlimited awakened being! ~ It will be my deepest pleasure… to introduce you to a new way to live… and a new way to play! ~ May the blessings be! ~ I will keep you updated!
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Cosmic Wisdom From Rene.. Wisdom Note 01

You Are The Entire Universe Itself! ~ You Are All Of Creation!
Yet It Is Your Opinion… That You Are A Human… In The Universe!
Simply Take Notice!.. That You Are Attached To The Universe!
That Must Mean!… That You Are The Universe!
Because!… Where Is The Separation!?

Tell Me Where Your Atoms Begin… & Where They End!?
Tell Me Where Your Molecules Begin… & Where They End!?
Tell Me Where Your Intelligence Begins… & Where It Ends!?
Tell Me Where Your Soul Begins… & Where It Ends!?
Tell Me Where Your Imagination Begins… & Where It Ends!?
Tell Me Where Your Feelings Begin… & Where They End!?
Tell Me Where Your Experiences Begin… & Where They End!?

You Are So Convinced You Are Limited!… Yet You Have Never Seen Limitation In Your Life!… Not Even Once!

You Are Living In And Ocean Of Unlimited Light! ~ Unlimited Sound! ~ Unlimited Sensation! ~ Unlimited Imagination! ~ Unlimited Feelings! ~ Unlimited Expression! ~ Unlimited Passion! ~ Unlimited Communication! ~ Unlimited Experience! ~ Unlimited Intelligence! ~ And Unlimited Life Forms!

You Are Divine Magical Intelligent Living Animated Artwork! ~ Just Try And Draw Yourself! ~ And Then You Will Realize, That Whomever Created You!? ~ Is The Greatest Artist In The Universe! ~ The More You Get To Know Your True Unlimited Self!? ~ The More You Will Understand This Magnificent Unlimited Divine Creator! ~ And All Of Creation Itself!

Wisdom Note 02

When you care more about yourself!…Than your opinions … about yourself!?
It is then… That you will experience true magical eternal divine self love!
You are pure divine love! ~ Why give your allegiance, to opinions?

Wisdom Note 03

Ego Be Like! ~ Anything You Say… Will Be Used Against You!
Soul Be Like! ~ Anything You Say… Will Be Used To Better You!
God Be Like! ~ Yo! Just Chill Out! ~ Anything You Say!? ~ Is Meaningless! ~ “You Are Already Perfect!”
Being Your True Natural Self Is Effortless! ~ It Requires No Action Whatsoever!
It Is The Self Judging & Criticizing! ~ That Requires Effort!
You Are Pure Paradise! ~ My Love Is Always With You!

Thank you so much again for all of your support!
I look forward to sharing with each and everyone of you!
Pure Infinite Blessings!
Rene… Power Of Soul!