Features of the New Quantum Plasma Crystal Light Diode Vortex Technology Pendants

1.) All Of our new exclusive quantum plasma light pendants, are now adorned with beautiful holographic quantum light vortex transmitter diodes! ~ Each Diode Captures Maximum Surrounding Light… From Any Source Of Lighting! ~ Sunlight, Moonlight, Indoor Lighting! ~ Amplifying The Light, Refracting, & Mirroring The Light.. Within The Holographic Faceted Quantum Light Diodes! ~ Giving The Immediate Appearance… As Though Your Pendant Is (Self luminescent!) ~ The Pendants Almost Look Like You Are Wearing A Crystalline Flash Light… Around Your Neck! ~ For They Mirror, Amplify & Refract All Light That Enters Them! ~ Creating A Beautiful Warm Sparkling Shiny Brilliant Majestic Effect! ~ And Effect That Completely Changes The Appearance Of Your Pendant! ~ With Each Movement That You Make! ~ Photos Of The Pendants… Only Capture A Very Small Essence Of The True Spectacular Sparkling Beauty! ~ That Each Pendant Uniquely Radiates! ~ Thus Where ever you wear this pendant! ~ It Produces a surreal dreamy visual effect! ~ Upon all… whom lay their eyes upon the pendant! ~ Light from all sources radiantly sparkles through each pendant! ~ Creating a mind blowing eye candy spectacular glowing effect! ~ Often making complete strangers consistently… approach you… and comment on… and ask what you are wearing!

2.) All Of our exclusive quantum plasma light pendants, are now (Single Sided! ~ Or~ Double Sided!) ~ This means that Each Side Of The Pendant… Is A Completely Different Design & Pendant! ~ You Have The Option Of Choosing One Side! ~ Or The Other Side! ~ OR ~ You Can Combine (Both Sides) Together! ~ Two Full Pendants In One! ~ The two sides of the pendants energies… combine to make a third new energy! ~ Then when you place the pendant on… Each of the three new energies… interact with you! ~ Creating living vortex of perfect harmonious quantum spiritual interaction… in new ways… that are continually allowing you to experience…. New and exciting energetic effects! ~ True adventures into magical infinite divine consciousness!

3.) We Now Have Developed Our Exclusive Inner Soul Technologies (QUANTUM MIX & MATCH! ~ PERSONAL UNIQUE PENDANT CUSTOMIZER!) ~ This Unique Amazing Feature! ~ Allows You To Personally Create Over 700 Completely Different Unique Pendant Combinations! ~ All Of These Over 700 Completely Different Unique Combinations! ~ With Just The Click Of A Few Buttons! ~ Truly Spectacular!

4.) What Is The Difference In Power Between Our Quantum Plasma Light Diode Pendants?…. And Our Original Quantum Nano Holographic Vortex Energy Pendants? ~ Each One Of Our “Quantum Plasma Light Diode Pendants” ~ Is More Than 1,000 X More Powerful! ~ Vivid! ~ Dynamic! & Expansive! ~ Than All Of Our Previous Quantum Pendants! ~ It Is A Though They Are On A Deeper & More Refined… Octave Of Reality & Vibration! ~ This Does Not Mean… That Our Original Quantum Nano Holographic Vortex Energy Pendants… Are Ineffective In Any Way Whatsoever! ~ As Many Souls Are More Suited For Our Original Style Of Pendant! ~ Until They Can Effective Raise Their Vibration… And Embark Upon New Adventures In Consciousness… With Our New (Quantum Plasma Light Diode Pendants!)

5.) When You wear one of these pendants… It Will Immediately Change Your Life… Instantly! ~ This is No joke! ~ Wearing any of our pendants previous to this point!? ~ Has slowly built of your inner spiritual bodies… to adjust itself to handle the pure flow of the mystical divine holy spirit! ~ And Natural Unlimited Cosmic Energy That You Truly Are! ~ At Your Deepest Source Of Truth!

6.) Almost All Of Our New Pendants Are 2 – 3 Times (Lighter) in weight. ~ Than our previous triple layer pendants!

7.) Each Pendant takes (60 times longer) to produce, than our previous pendants!

8.) All Of The Adult Pendants Are ( 1.75 Inch – In Diameter) ~ ( 1/4 to1/2 Inch – In Thickness)… And Weight Approximately 1/4 – 1/2 Of An Ounce – Typically Anywhere From 7 – 14 grams per pendant.

9.) All Pendants Are 100% Hand Made! ~ Each Pendant Individually Crafted One By One! ~  Directly By ~ Quantum  Inventor Visionary! ~ (Power Of Soul)  AKA  Rene Hamilton.  ~ These Are Not Mass Produced. ~ Our Previous Pendants… Were Also Hand Made! ~ Individually One By One!

10.) All Pendants Are Backed By Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! ~ You Are Either 100% Happy With Our Exclusive Quantum Pendants! ~ Or We Will Buy It Back From You!  ~ 100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! ~ No Questions Asked! ~ 100% Rock Solid Guarantee!

11.) Each Pendant Is Made To Order Specifically For You! ~ No Pendants Are Kept In Stock. ~ This Ensures Maximum Attention To Detail & Craft Man Ship Specifically Designed For You!

12.) All pendants Are 100% Water Proof ~ Yet Be Gentle ~ Treat these brilliant pendants with care!

13.) Please Be Gentle With The New Quantum Plasma Crystal Light Diode Pendants! ~ Dropping, Banging, Smashing The Pendant! ~ Could Result In One Or Many Crystal Light Diodes… To Be Broken Away From The Pendant! ~ If Any Accidental Damage May Occur To Any Of The Holographic Diodes! ~ On Any Pendant That You Purchase From Us!? ~ We Will Be Our Pleasure To Repair It! ~ 100% Completely Free Of Charge To you!  :)

14.) The Energy & Consciousness Within These New Pendants Is Tremendous! ~ Your being may require some time to adjust! ~ If you feel light headed – dizzy – adjustments in physical coordination – or feel dis-oriented ? ~ Then you can wear the pendant for less period of time…Until you slowly adjust to the new energies!

15.) When you are resting / sleeping … You can place the pendant underneath your entire bed…or pillow! ~ And the energy will envelope your entire aura… and have direct and immediate effects… while you rest & rejuvenate yourself! ~ The spiral coils in the bed will amplify this signal… producing a very potent effect & amazing results!

16.) Please Allow 7 To 14 Days… For Your Pendant To Be Uniquely Produced For You! ~ If we can get it out to you sooner… then we will most definitely do so! :)  ~ Shipping takes approximately an additional 7 days to ship to you.

17.) What sort of effects may occur… wearing our new exclusive quantum plasma light pendants? ~ Sudden and rapid purification on all levels! ~ Appearance of colors & flashes of light sparkling in your visions! ~ Visions & Dreams of other worlds!… Or other worldly happenings! ~ Incredible Feelings Of Well Being! ~ Light headed feelings! ~ Appetite changes! ~ Gentle Feelings of floating! ~ Heightened Senses & Vivid Detail Of All Sensations! ~ A Softening Effect Upon Your Vision / Perception! ~ Onset or bursts of complete bliss! ~ Rapid Transcendence Beyond Illusory Karmic Cycles! ~ Experiences of being other objects! ~ Or even perhaps even of times and events! ~ Before you where born.. or even future visions! ~ Instant Increase perceptual acuteness! ~ Faster Mind Functioning! ~ A Softening & Purifying Of Ones True Intent! ~ And Infinitely Many More! ~ Truly You Are Directly Tapping Into The 100% Pure Divine Electrical Life Force Of The Entire Universe! ~ And Of All Of Creation! ~ So (The Effects Are Literally Unlimited!) ~ Welcome To The Next Level… My Dear Friends! ~ May The Pure Divine Infinite Magical Blessings Be! ~ Power Of Soul!