Golden Ray Manifestation Amplifier Pendant


The Golden Ray Manifestation Amplifier Pendant boosts your thoughts an additional 5000 – 100,000 times more than the manifestation plate when used on its own.


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The Golden Ray Manifestation Amplifier Pendant is extremely powerful and is used to
anchor in, and make use of this powerful Golden Ray Energy & Consciousness.
The pendant can also be used in conjuction with the “Advanced quantum matrix
manifestation plate! ~ The Golden Ray Amplifier Significantly Pendant boosts the power & intensity
Of Your Imagination, To Assist In Manifestation! ~ This pendant anchors the signal of your mental creations, into the true realm of manifested manifestation, inspiration and golden love energy, with results
that can be truly staggering! Wear the pendant anytime you wish, and also while using the
“Advanced quantum matrix manifestation plate! ~ To take your imagination / manifestations to a
whole new level! ~ True Blessings HERE NOW AND ALWAYS :))

A Human Being is composed not only as a biological physical being however, it is also
composed of many subtle intricate energy grids that transform, regulate and provide
the essential life force energy needed for your own personal existence itself.
This is strictly on a subtle energetic level within your Energy Body’s,
“Energy Grid Meridian System” (Not the Physical Body)
Quantum Bio-Feedback Results may vary depending upon your unique
bio-rhythm and individual energy meridian grid configuration.

– Helps relieve anxiety.

– Helps Support for emotional link to ancestral guilt and fear miasm.
– Support for liver detox.
– Support for dealing with degenerative or disturbing energies.
– Support for energy and immune function.
– May stimulate natural aphrodisiac (excites sexual desire), restores
– Helps balance the thought process by limiting thought control, aberrant thinking.
– Support for general indigestion, flatulence, mild stomach discomfort.
– Support for emotional problems with motivation.
– Support for helping absorption and stimulation of nutrients, helps in tissue renew.
– Helps mood control, emotions.
– Support for the digestive process in the small intestine.
– Helps reveal hidden fears
– Support for stimulates emotional release of growth trauma.
– Helps stimulate and or balance the 5TH CHAKRA – THROAT


The Golden Ray Manifestation Amplifier is also an accessory product for the Advanced Quantum Manifestation Plates!

You can use multiple Golden Ray Manifestation Amplifier Pendants at the same time to boost the power of your manifestations significantly! The New Manifestation Amplifier Pendants and Amplifier Plate increases the power of the “Advanced Matrix Manifestation Plate” tremendously!

Graphic Illustration of Quantum Vortex

The Quantum Energy Power Pendants manifest an inter-dimensional vortex around the human body, allowing the body, mind, emotions and soul to operate with greater harmony.

Pendants Explained

How do the Quantum Vortex Power Pendants Work?

A human being is composed not only as a biological physical being however, it is also composed of many subtle intricate energy grids that transform, regulate and provide the essential life force energy needed for your own personal existence itself! The Pendants establish a direct inter-dimensional link or gateway to the 8th dimension (Infinity). ~ This energy that comes through, completely envelopes your aura and immediately modifies the flow, intensity and quality of the universal life force that nourishes your entire being! ~The pendants do not contain any magnets, microchips, or miniature batteries! ~ The Pendants are powered by our exclusive "Quantum Nano Vortex Holographic Plasma Technology!" ~ When using any of the pendants, the flow of quantum atoms in your body will immediately be re-arranged to resonate, or vibrate at a particular energetic field, in which a dramatic increase in positive levels of pure positive electrical life force, can move freely throughout your entire being! ~ Providing a greater sense of well being, greater energy, strength, mind power, and enhancing ones own natural healing abilities! ~ Thus is accomplished via our " Quantum Nano Holographic  Vortex Technology!" ~ This will have immediate effects on many subtle energetic levels within your whole being, as well as expanding the amount and quality, of pure positive life force! ~ That moves through you, and becomes a part of your entire reality!

What are the Quantum Vortex Energy Power Pendants?

The Quantum Vortex Energy Power Pendants contain a revolutionary new quantum nano plasma holographic vortex technology, that has a direct effect on the physiological, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of a human being! ~ All Of The Resonators Provide Measurable Protection From Wireless, (Emf) Electromagnetic, Microwave, And Radio Frequencies & Energies That Can Artificially / Distort / Unbalance Ones Own Bodies Natural Biological, Mental And Emotional Processes! ~ Each Pendant, Specifically Has It's Own Special Unique Functions, Properties & Energies, That No Other Pendant Has! ~ Each Pendant Is Hand Assembled To Ensure Maximum Harmony, Quality & Integrity! ~ All Of The Quantum Pendants Are 100% Water Proof! With This Technology Applied To Our Pendants, Each Pendant Extracts, Focuses, And Amplifies, Pure Electrical Subtle Positive Life Force Energies! ~ Directly Into The User, And Sometimes Even Those Standing Close To The Pendant! ~ Our Pendants Are Literally Comparable To Miniature Radio Stations, Radiating Pure Positive Life Force Energy, And Transmitting To The Immediate Inner & Outer Environment! ~ Powered Indefinitely By Our Exclusive” Quantum Nano Plasma Holographic Vortex Technology!”.

Golden Ray Manifestation Amplifier Pendant

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