Crystal Resonator Pendant “Mix & Match” Customizer!



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Welcome To Inner Soul Techs 100% Brand New Exclusive “Mix & Match” Feature!

Build your own completely unique, custom quantum pendant! With Over 700 Unique Pendant Combinations To Choose From! ~ It only takes a few clicks with your mouse… and you are completed!

How Does It Work?

  1. Choose Which Pendant Side 01 – That You Want!
  2. Choose Which Pendant Side 02 – That You Want!
  3. Select Chain Size! – Thats it! ~ You Are Completed!
  4. We Have Included Images Below! ~ Pendant Images & Full Pendant Descriptions! ~ Will Open In A New Window! ~ Simply Click On Each Pendant… And View The Designs! ~ Read The Descriptions! ~ & Feel The Energy! ~ Then Decide!
  5. We Have Made It As Simple As Possible! ~ Everyone Is Truly A Winner!
  6. Please Enjoy! ~ Your Magnificent New Personal Quantum Creation! ~ May True Blessings Be!