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Enter a realm where it is the will of the soul which is the true creator of what you call your reality dwells.


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Enter a realm where it is the will of the soul which is the true creator of what you call your reality dwells. The position from which the power of your true self(soul) starts, or in greater degree’s establishes it’s self in this 3D reality. Use this pendant to enter the deepness of your true self in ways you always knew you had inside you. Truly let the deepness flow from the power of your soul. Place the Power of Soul Pendant on and you may immediately notice that your higher chakra’s particularly your pineal 3rd eye, may start to resonate at deeper levels into un-chartered realms of your inner being.

A human being is composed not only as a biological physical being however, it is also composed of many subtle intricate energy grids that transform, regulate and provide the essential life force energy needed for your own personal existence itself.

Below is a Compilation of the Energetic Energy Grids that this pendant may stimulate. This is strictly on a subtle energetic level within your Energy Body’s, ‘Energy Grid Meridian System’ (Not the Physical Body).

  • Support For Night blindness, Bones, Loss / Sunshine Tool Works
  • Support For PANCREATIS | Pancreas
  • Support to help stimulate the immune system.
  • Support For Rods | Eye + Third Eye
  • Support For accelerated removal of fungal or viral conditions, increases action of bio function formulas.
  • Support For systemic fungus, fungal allergies, and rejection of humanity.
  • Support For Calcium / Magnesium.
  • Support For Bone calcium regulator, made in the thyroid, ids concern of bone calcium.
  • Support For emotional link to insecurity improved with liquor.
  • Pain from nerve problem or irritation.
  • Support For QUERCETIN | Phenol, stimulates ATP phase, use for chronic fatigue.
  • Support For For calming shen (spirit), damp heat with heart yin deficiency, stress, anger, anxiety, sadness
  • Helps Stabilizes body and soul balance during times of stress.

Graphic Illustration of Quantum Vortex

The Quantum Energy Power Pendants manifest an inter-dimensional vortex around the human body, allowing the body, mind, emotions and soul to operate with greater harmony.

Pendants Explained

How do the Quantum Vortex Power Pendants Work?

The Pendants establish a direct inter-dimensional link or gateway to the 8th dimension, this energy that comes through, completely envelopes your aura and immediately modifies the flow, intensity and quality of the universal life force that nourishes your entire being. The pendants do not contain any magnets, microchips or miniature batteries. The Pendants are powered by our exclusive “Quantum Nano Vortex Technology”. When wearing any of the pendants, the flow of atoms in your body will immediately be re-arranged to resonate or vibrate at a particular energetic field, level of consciousness or dimension from which the particular pendant you are wearing is resonating at via a “Holographic Quantum Vortex”.

This will have immediate effects on many subtle energetic levels within your whole being, as well as expanding the amount and quality of pure positive life force that moves through you and becomes a part of your entire reality.

What are the Quantum Vortex Energy Power Pendants?

The Quantum Vortex Energy Power Pendants contain a revolutionary new quantum technology that has a direct effect on the physiological, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of a human being. All of the pendants provide measurable protection on a subtle energetic level from harmful cell phone, television, wireless, microwave, radio , scalar, electrical and computer EMF’s, which threaten to disrupt our bodies natural biological processes and impact our very own well being.

Each pendant has its own special unique energies, functions and properties that no other pendants in the World have.

What is a Quantum Vortex?

A Worm Hole is a link or gateway between two different points within the same dimension. A Quantum Vortex is a link or gateway between two different dimensions.

Triple Layer Power of Soul Pendant

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