The True Inner Mystical Magical Self Pendant


The True Inner Mystical Magical Self Pendant holds an extremely deep and powerful vortex of interactive energies, that contains ancient light codes of awakening to your higher mind, higher purpose, the mystical self & DNA activation’s to bring one closer to the realization of yourself!


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The True Inner Mystical Magical Self Pendant holds an extremely deep and powerful vortex of interactive energies, that contains ancient light codes of awakening to your higher mind, higher purpose, the mystical self & DNA activation’s to bring one closer to the realization of yourself! ~ As a magical mystical cosmic being that is completely unlimited in every way possible! ~ The Magic of life is real and when you recognize this natural magic within yourself! ~ Your world will change forever and paradise will be realized! ~ Returning to the mystical magic of childlike innocence of wonder and beauty! ~ The world of your wildest amazing dreams is true! ~ And is coming to you…within this lifetime! ~ As you awaken to your true natural ( Super Human ) Divine Abilities! ~ Mastering Your True Self! ~ And Discovering That You Are The True Divine Inner Mystical Magical Master! ~ Unlimited In Your Capabilities! ~ Eternally Existing In Pure Divine Harmonic Magical Wonder & Inner Peaceful Everlasting Bliss!
The Most Important Relationship That You Have In Your Life!? ~ Is Your Personal Relationship With 100% Pure Honesty & Truth! ~ Nothing Else Matters! ~ Nothing Else (Has) Ever Mattered! ~ And Nothing Else (Will) Ever Matter! ~ Only Your (Genuine Relationship) With Truth & Honesty Itself! ~ Determines Your Whole Existence For All Of Eternity! ~ For It Governs What You Will Experience In Each And Every Single Moment….Of Your Everlasting Precious Divine Brilliant Eternal Never-Ending Existence! ~ This Is The True Key To Inner Self Mastery! ~ Your Success Is 100% Guaranteed!
What sort of effects may occur… wearing our new exclusive quantum plasma light pendants? ~ Sudden and rapid purification on all levels! ~ Appearance of colors & flashes of light sparkling in your visions! ~ Visions & Dreams of other worlds!… Or other worldly happenings! ~ Incredible Feelings Of Well Being! ~ Light headed feelings! ~ Appetite changes! ~ Gentle Feelings of floating! ~ Heightened Senses & Vivid Detail Of All Sensations! ~ A Softening Effect Upon Your Vision / Perception! ~ Onset or bursts of complete bliss! ~ Rapid Transcendence Beyond Illusory Karmic Cycles! ~ Experiences of being other objects! ~ Or even perhaps even of times and events! ~ Before you where born.. or even future visions! ~ Instant Increase perceptual acuteness! ~ Faster Mind Functioning! ~ A Softening & Purifying Of Ones True Intent! ~ And Infinitely Many More! ~ Truly You Are Directly Tapping Into The 100% Pure Divine Electrical Life Force Of The Entire Universe! ~ And Of All Of Creation! ~ So (The Effects Are Literally Unlimited!) ~ Welcome To The Next Level… My Dear Friends! ~ May The Pure Divine Infinite Magical Blessings Be! ~ Power Of Soul!

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The Quantum Energy Power Pendants manifest an inter-dimensional vortex around the human body, allowing the body, mind, emotions and soul to operate with greater harmony.

Pendants Explained

How do the Quantum Vortex Power Pendants Work?

A human being is composed not only as a biological physical being however, it is also composed of many subtle intricate energy grids that transform, regulate and provide the essential life force energy needed for your own personal existence itself! The Pendants establish a direct inter-dimensional link or gateway to the 8th dimension (Infinity). ~ This energy that comes through, completely envelopes your aura and immediately modifies the flow, intensity and quality of the universal life force that nourishes your entire being! ~The pendants do not contain any magnets, microchips, or miniature batteries! ~ The Pendants are powered by our exclusive "Quantum Nano Vortex Holographic Plasma Technology!" ~ When using any of the pendants, the flow of quantum atoms in your body will immediately be re-arranged to resonate, or vibrate at a particular energetic field, in which a dramatic increase in positive levels of pure positive electrical life force, can move freely throughout your entire being! ~ Providing a greater sense of well being, greater energy, strength, mind power, and enhancing ones own natural healing abilities! ~ Thus is accomplished via our " Quantum Nano Holographic  Vortex Technology!" ~ This will have immediate effects on many subtle energetic levels within your whole being, as well as expanding the amount and quality, of pure positive life force! ~ That moves through you, and becomes a part of your entire reality!

What are the Quantum Vortex Energy Power Pendants?

The Quantum Vortex Energy Power Pendants contain a revolutionary new quantum nano plasma holographic vortex technology, that has a direct effect on the physiological, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of a human being! ~ All Of The Resonators Provide Measurable Protection From Wireless, (Emf) Electromagnetic, Microwave, And Radio Frequencies & Energies That Can Artificially / Distort / Unbalance Ones Own Bodies Natural Biological, Mental And Emotional Processes! ~ Each Pendant, Specifically Has It's Own Special Unique Functions, Properties & Energies, That No Other Pendant Has! ~ Each Pendant Is Hand Assembled To Ensure Maximum Harmony, Quality & Integrity! ~ All Of The Quantum Pendants Are 100% Water Proof! With This Technology Applied To Our Pendants, Each Pendant Extracts, Focuses, And Amplifies, Pure Electrical Subtle Positive Life Force Energies! ~ Directly Into The User, And Sometimes Even Those Standing Close To The Pendant! ~ Our Pendants Are Literally Comparable To Miniature Radio Stations, Radiating Pure Positive Life Force Energy, And Transmitting To The Immediate Inner & Outer Environment! ~ Powered Indefinitely By Our Exclusive” Quantum Nano Plasma Holographic Vortex Technology!”.

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