Inner Master Dream Weaver Artwork Collection

“The Inner Master Dream Weaver”

If You Can Recall Even One Dream!? ~ Or Had A Lucid Dream!? ~ Then You Know What It Is Like To Visit! Another Dimension! ~ Congratulations!

We all can Visit An unlimited Amount Of Other Amazing Worlds! ~ As We Start To Realize Just How Infinite & vast! ~ Our own inner landscape truly is!? ~ You will start to draw upon the unlimited imagination! ~ That you truly are! ~ You will transcend limited idea’s about reality…more and more each day! ~ Until you suddenly realize that you are the pure divine loving adventurous magical soul! ~ That you always dreamed of!

The Inner Master Dream Weaver ) Artwork Collection Was Designed Not Only Assist You In Recalling Your Dreams! ~ However They Are Designed To Also Assist You To Bring About A More Vivid! ~ Lucid! ~ Realistic! ~ Interactive! ~ Unlimited Dream State Experience Each Night!

View The Artwork Just Before You Rest ~ In Meditation! ~ Helping Bring About A Completely Different Energetic Being! ~ A Deeper Merging Of Your Twin Dream Body! ~ Your Infinite Self! ~ That Is Permanently Aware Of All Cosmic Wisdom! ~ Cosmic Love! ~ & Cosmic Magical Truth!

Tips For Become More Aware In The Dream State!

  1. Never use the term “going to sleep” when you are closing your eyes to rest the body for the night.
  2. The Term “Sleep” indicates “Non Awareness” ~ This is a magical word spell… That makes you forget and pay no attention to the significance of your other “Inner Dream World Experiences You Encounter at “Body Rest Time”.
  3. These are real experiences that are of an unlimited nature… that you can explore! You never sleep!…. you can only ignore or forget!
  4. Instead of going to sleep, Just know, that you are going to enter “Another Unlimited Dimension of Yourself!”… Learn to explore this universe in your non 3D physical body state!
  5. No more sleep! ~ Only Unlimited Awakeness! ~ No need to let magical spell words… lul you back into a state of unconsciousness… unawakeness or forgetfullness…. Your Inner Dream worlds… are just as real and important as what is happening
    in this 3D physical world!

Learn the power of becoming fully awake in the “Unlimited Dream Inner World State!“… Where You Can Roam the Unlimited Universe in your “Inner World Light Body” ~ When you can merge these two worlds together?… The inner and the outer… in a waking state?… This is when true magic happens!

You are a Universal Explorer… First and Foremost! ~ Pure Unlimited Magical Adventure!… Waiting to be Unleashed! ~ My Love is Always With You! ~ Power Of Soul!