Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us!

Your personal and/or business information will never be sold, traded or shared, outside of what is defined within this policy.

Billing Services

The Inner Soul Tech Website does not ask for, collect or store Credit Card, Checking Account or Bank Account information.

Inner Soul Tech uses a 3rd party payment gateway/processor for purchases, provided by PayPal. Please take the time to read the PayPal Privacy Policy.

Newsletter Services

Inner Soul Tech uses a 3rd party service for our newsletter / marketing mailings, provided by Get Response. Please take the time to read the Get Response Privacy Policy.

Postal Services

After a purchase is a made your name, shipping address and phone number will be provided to the shipping / postal company used to send your order. Privacy of this information falls under various Country and Regional Privacy Laws related to postal/mail services.

Information We Collect

After a purchase is made, Paypal uses an encrypted key to post your name, shipping address, email address, and what was purchased, back to us. This information is used for customer support, referral tracking, and statistics.


Cookies are in use throughout the Inner Soul Tech Website. We do not cross reference Cookie data with analytical or billing data. All cookies are temporary.

This website uses Google Analytics (privacy policy) for Analytical tracking.

To remove our cookies open the browsers preferences and delete all cookies. To opt-out of cookies simply turn cookies off within your browser settings.

Have questions?

Please read through our F.A.Q. and Store Policy for general question and answers or you may Contact Customer Care with any questions you may have.