Large Advanced Quantum Manifestation Plate


The Large Advanced Quantum Manifestation Plate! ~ Also Includes A (Free Bonus) Small Manifestation Plate! ~ Please Click Here! ~ To Download The Written Instruction Manual!  ~ That Guides You On How To Properly Use… The Advanced Quantum Manifestation Plates!


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The Large Advanced Quantum Matrix Manifestation Plate! ~ Size Approx (12X18) Inches! ~  Also Comes With! … A (Free Bonus!) Small Manifestation Plate!   ~ Size (5x 7) Inches!

If You Already Have? ~ A Large, Or Small, Manifestation Plate? ~ Or ~ This Is Your First Time Purchasing One? ~   Please Click Here! ~ To Download A Written Guide, On How To Properly Use… The Advanced Quantum Manifestation Plates!  ~

About The Manifestation Plates



What Is the Advanced Quantum Matrix Manifestation Plate?

The Advanced Matrix Manifestation plate – Is a revolutionary spiritual / quantum manifestation technology and is the culmination of 20 years research, with three previous version already in circulation.

The Advanced Quantum Matrix Manifestation Plate  Is partially based on the symbolic Hieronymus Machine*, with major modifications to the engineered base circuitry. The newest version has incorporated advanced mathematical quantum algorithms, quantum nano vortex technology, holographic field effect technology and inter-multi-dimensional vortex portal morphogenetic time shift technology.

The Advanced Quantum Matrix Manifestation Plate  is here to help humanity make the transition to the New 5th dimension Angelic Earth which All of humanity will evolve into within the next 10 years. ~  The New Manifestation Plate is a tool that you can use… to activate your latent angelic and spiritual powers that break free of all limitations!

What can you use the Advanced Quantum Matrix Manifestation Plate for?

  • Use it to develop your esp, spiritual abilities!
  • Manifest your dreams, better health, happiness and joy!
  • Bless your food, beverages, vitamins, cosmetics.
  • Use it to protect your whole home from negative energies.
  • Use it to enhance your life force field.
  • Use it to enhance your pets health and happiness.
  • Send positive energies to anyone you want “with their permission first!”
  • Transform the quality of your water.
  • Manifest abundance and prosperity.
  • Manifest greater amounts of truth in your life.
  • Increase business affairs and opportunities.
  • Attract healthier relationships.
  • Manifest more creativity … writers, musicians, artists etc
  • Increase your own energy and well being.
  • Clear negative energies from stones and crystals.
  • Energize and program stones and crystals instantly.
  • Clear and remove negative energies and from almost any location.
  • Make or copy or transfer homeopathic remedies.
  • Use as an advanced prayer device.
  • Use for and enhance any energy therapy session.
  • The list goes on and on, whatever you can imagine or dream up!

The possibilities are endless!  You will discover new things the more you use it. We urge you to keep us informed of your experiences, build a community of souls who are taking responsibility for the realities they are creating. Manifest all the greatness that you are and yet to discover!

We have designed the Advanced Manifestation Plate is extremely user friendly!
The advanced manifestation plate available… in two different options
1.) (With) Quantum Link Control Dials…
2.) (Without) Quantum Link Control Dials…

We have designed the new manifestation plate… So You can use the manifestation plate… WITH… OR WITHOUT CONTROL DIALS!

There is no way to go wrong using this never version. ~ Whether You Order The Manifestation Plate With Control Dials?… Or Not? ~ They will still operate 100% effectively! ~ Lets just say… that you order a manifestation plate with the control dials! ~  However… on one random day! ~  You decide that you do not want to use the control knobs that day… while you are manifesting with the board!? ~ No problem at all! ~ Simply ignore the control dials… And Carry on manifesting! ~ There is no need to create a physical quantum link with the control dials! ~ It is already done for you automatically! ~ However If you want to use the control dial… Then you can experiment… and have a more hands on experience!… learning & fine tuning your intuition and quantum energy sensitivity! ~ Thus even if you purchase a  manifestation plate… with the control dials… An you do not have to use them. ~ You can use only when you want to! ~ All Is Perfectly well!

The Advanced Quantum Matrix Manifestation Plate Also (Optionally) ~ Can come with many accessories to boost the power of your manifestations, make them more effective, and prepare you for super clarity while forming your precious intent!
What are the optional accessories ?
1.) Quantum Ray Amplifier Cosmic Crystalline Transmitter Pendant! ~ Click here to view!
2.) Quantum Ray Amplifier Cosmic Crystalline Transmitter plate! ( View Small! and View Large! Available!)
3.) Quantum Light Body Activator ~ Divine Crystal Resonator Of Purity Pendant! ~ Click here to view!
4.) Quantum Light Body Activator ~ Divine Crystal Resonator Of Purity Plates! ( View Small! and View Large! Available!)

We Also Have 5 Complete Manifestation Combo Packages Available….
Which Combine Our Most Popular Manifestation Products… Into One Convenient Package! ~ At a Significantly Reduced Discounted Savings!

Package 01 ~ (Lite Pendant!) Manifestation Package! ~ Click To View!
Package 02 ~ (Lite Plate!) Manifestation Package! ~ Click To View!
Package 03 ~ (Deep!) Manifestation Package! ~ Click To View!
Package 04 ~ (Super!) Manifestation Package! ~ Click To View!
Package 05 ~ (Supreme Ultra!) Manifestation Package! ~ Click To View!

: The Advanced Quantum Matrix Manifestation Plate amplifies your own higher thoughts and desires. Any negativity will be immediately rejected… and even may boomerang back. Be wise my dear friends.

It is not uncommon to start to feel unusual when sitting beside or working with the manifestation plate. Feeling light headed, slightly dizzy, strange tingling sensations, heightened senses, electrical sensations in your hands, rapid temperature changes, increased clarity, increased energy. Increased ESP, psychic or spiritual experiences. As you are now interacting with a true zero point energy vortex.

* Hieronymus Machine is a general term that refers to the patented Radionics devices invented by electrical engineer Dr. Thomas Galen Hieronymus (21 November 1895-1988).The theory of operation on which Hieronymus Machines are based is that all matter emits a kind of “radiation” that is not electromagnetic, but exhibits some of the characteristics of both light and electricity. The quality of this emanation is unique to every kind of matter, and therefore can be utilized for detection and analysis. Hieronymus coined the term “eloptic energy” to describe this radiation (from the words “electrical” and “optical”.) All of his machines were designed to detect and manipulate this eloptic energy.

Manifestation Combo Packages!

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