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The Pure Life Water Wellness Patches clean the energy of the water and super boost it with a massive level of pure positive rejuvenating, harmonizing, balancing life force, so water now nourishes you, rather than just keep you alive on a minimal level.

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“Sacred Geometry, Intuitive Visions, Holographic, Quantum Nano and Quantum Vortex Technology.”

All water on earth contains the memory, energy and information of every single thing it has ever come into contact with. From sewage, chemicals, toxins, pharmacuticals, viruses, rusty pipes from old faucets, etc. All of these things are stored as cellular information within the water. When you drink, shower or bath in the water the information then passes to you and your cells. This water then passes this low energy and corrupted information to your very inner being, as you absorb it, it becomes a part of you, having immediate and lasting effects on your mood, energy levels and also your over all well being.

The Quantum Pure Life Water Patches are a solution to the polluted, toxic, negative cellular energy that has taken hold of our very own precious water supply that we so essentially rely upon. The average positive life force that a human currently has moving within them is approximately 20 – 150 on the vibra-electro life force scale. This scale measures the vibration or speed of the electrons within a living being or object. The amount of life force of the quantum pure life water patches is approximately 52 billion! the higher the number the more life force energy you have, the better you feel! The more healthy you are, and the more happy you generally are!

Why are these patches important? What does energetically clean water mean?

We all know the importance of clean water that is physically free from any particles floating around, clean filtered water is the most desirable in today’s day and age. We cannot trust tap water to be clean of chemicals, bad smells, and weird tastes. Thus most of us resort to bottled water delivered to our home or store bought smaller water bottles. we may be buying and drinking water that is physically clean, but is it energetically clean?

Let me provide you with an example of what we mean by energetically clean water.

Imagine two identical twin male bothers who are very sports oriented and play high school football. These brothers are physically identical in every way, the only difference between them is that one brother is of a very negative character. He’s very dark and an overall evil personality causing troubles where ever he goes. While the other brother is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, very gentle and loving. They both go out to play football and come home absolutely dirty, sweaty and mud all over their bodies. Lets say they both one after another go and take a shower and come out absolutely clean. Now the mean, dark, negative twin brother may be physically clean, however his character, his attitude, his dark negative energy is still not clean. His personality is still not clean, he maybe physically clean but his destructive negative energy and attitude is still causing problems and has a negative effect on every thing he touches and those whom he comes into contact with…he is oozing negativity!

That is the key importance of the Life Water Patches.

They clean the energy of the water and super boost it with a massive level of pure positive rejuvenating, harmonizing, balancing life force, so water now nourishes you, rather than just keep you alive on a minimal level.

How Do You Use Them?

The patches can last for years or dozens of years and never stop working as long as they are not severely damaged.

Place one quantum pure life water patch on the following area’s for effective protection: Kitchen faucet, shower head, bathroom tub faucet, inside the tub itself, bathroom sink faucet, water cooler bottles or water cooler machine, dishwasher, washing machine, juice jug, favorite mug, sports water bottle even the main water line in on your house.

Test Results

Test Results Measuring the Positive and Negative Life Force Before & After Placing the Inner Soul Technologies “Quantum Pure Life Water Patches” on 13 different types of beverages. Some local sources and some well known International Brands.

  • Any Positive Life Force Value Greater than 10,000 has great benefits for a human being and puts you in a Positive state of Rejuvenation.
  • Any Negative Cellular Memory Energy Force over 400, begins to unbalance a human and has a Negative Effect Emotionally & Physically.
Featured Product Positive life force energy without water patch. Positive life force energy with pure life water patch. Negative cellular memory without water patch. Negative cellular memory with pure life water patch.
Aquafina Bottled Water +830 +52 BILLION -12,300 0
Dasani Bottled Water +519 +40 BILLION -73 MILLION 0
Evian Bottled Water +1420 +40 BILLION -12,200 0
Perrier Sparkling Spring Bottled Water +176 +32 BILLION -1.3
Pellegrino Carbonated Mineral Water Bottle +213 +23.8 BILLION -142 0
Fiji Natural Artesan Water Bottle +12,100 +44 BILLION -237 0
Gerolstiner Sparkling Mineral Water +1000 +23 BILLION -111,000 0
Reverse Osmosis then Distilled City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Water +1284 +31.2 BILLION -234 0
Reverse Osmosis City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Water +2300 +34 BILLION -6100 0
Tap Water, City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Feb 2010 +1200 +50 BILLION -153,000 0
Orange Gatorade +1300 +36 BILLION -730,000 0
Coca Cola Classic +620 +13 BILLION -124 MILLION 0
Star Bucks Regular Coffee No Cream or Sugar +520 +24 BILLION -230,000 0

The above Data is based on the ( Vibra Electro Life Force Scale ) which measures the vibration of the electrons to determine how much positive/ negative life force energy is moving inside any living being or object. ( Note: The Average Humans Life Force is between 20 – 150 on this scale.


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