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The “Cosmic Purity Water Energizer & Cellular Rejuvenator” Power Plate…


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The “Cosmic Purity Water Energizer & Cellular Rejuvenator” Power Plate…  Is One Of The Most Powerful , Spectacular, & Effective Quantum Energy Power Plates, That ( Rene – Power Of Soul ) Has Produced & Created To Date! – This Remarkable Quantum Power Plate Performs Many Functions!

1. ) This Power Plate Instantly Clears The Negative Or Dis-harmonic Cellular Memory Of Water… To Literally Bring Water Back To Full Sparkling Cosmic Life! – Aligned With The Perfect Divine Harmonic Electrical Life Force Of Nature… In Its Most Pure Cosmic Magical State! – Truly Changing The Waters Taste, Texture, Energy, Vibration, Harmony, Purity, Life Force, And Divine Electrical Current That Naturally Flows Through Life Giving Water… As Creation Had Originally Intended For All Beings! – This Power Plate Is Far Beyond In Scope… Of What The Pure life Water Patches Can Do! – Yet They Both Can Work Together In Perfect Harmony! – Completely Enhancing Each Others Effects! – This Not Only Clears The Negative & Dis-Harmonic Cellular Memory Of Water… However It Clears And Re-Energizes The Energy Of Literally Anything That You Place On Or Near This Amazing Power Plate! – Purifies Food, Cosmetics, Crystals, Orgone, Charms, Tailsmans, Radionic Devices, Pendants, Bracelets, Precious Stones, Snacks, Money, Vitamins, Wine, Beer, And Also Energetically Powerfully Enhances & Clears Dis-Harmonic Vibrations From Medical Cannabis… For A More Enhanced Rejuvenating Experience! –  Removing The Negative Cellular (- Energy) Information, Instantly And Immediately From Anything… While Super Energizing It With Pure Electrical Divine Harmonic Life Force!

2.) Restoring Your Entire Being To A Perfect State Of Cellular Electrical Operation! – Each cell in your being, naturally has a unique electrical signal / electrical vibration & electrical energy, while the cell is in a 100% perfectly healthy state! – When the electrical energy or electrical integrity of your cells becomes weakened or distorted then rapid cellular aging, cellular decay, & inner cellular disharmony / distortion becomes rampant! – This affects your entire being… on every single level of your life! – This Amazing Cosmic Purity Water Energizer & Cellular Rejuvenator” Power Plate… Instantly Re Assembles The Electrical Configuration Of Your Natural Bio-Energy Field…  And Envelopes Your Entire Being… Including All Of The Water In Your Body… Into The Purified Cosmic Ascended Template Of Effortless Divine Harmonic Electrical Life Force… Which Springs Forth From The Everlasting Fountain Of Rejuvenating Youth! – Immediately Revitalizing Your Entire Subtle Bio-Energy Nervous System, Including Enhanced Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, & Physiological Functionality! – Instant Enhancements In Emotional Balance, Mental Clarity, Spiritual Insight & True Inner Well Being! – A True Connection With The Ocean Of Pure Cosmic Magical Intelligent Loving Consciousness… From Which All Of Life Emerges…  And Dwells Within A State Of Eternal Blissful Divine Ecstasy!

This Cosmic Purity Water Energizer & Cellular Rejuvenator” Power Plate is so powerful, that can literally hold your hand above the plate… and literally feel a constant stream of electrical wind energy upon your finger tips and palm of your hand… this is truly a gift from the eternal divine source… that has been bestowed to humanity as a whole! – Standing upon the large ( 12 x 12 ) version of this plate for even a few mins once a day… will provide remarkable energetic changes within your entire being, as your full being is instantly energized from the ground up, always keeping you in the most optimal harmonic electrical vibratory state of energetic balance, always expanding and bringing you to a new level of your own true purified spiritual soul awareness!  & true infinite cosmic divine ascended magical consciousness! – Gently assisting you in opening up your divine imagination 3rd eye… so you can explore new dimensions of experience and being… in a graceful, incremental, & systematic way! – Masterfully & lovingly guiding you, into comprehending the true mystical understanding of your own unlimited infinite divine eternal magical being! –  Experience the true magic of the Cosmic Purity Water Energizer & Cellular Rejuvenator” Quantum Energy Power Plate!

How Do I Use The Quantum Vortex Energy Plates?

The Energy Plates use an inter-dimensional quantum nano vortex to transform negative energies into positive and or balanced energies. This is a proprietary process developed by us, using our exclusive "Quantum Nano Vortex Technology". Each Quantum Vortex Energy Plates contain different properties, feel free to take the time to explore the different qualities of each one!
Many individuals can actually feel a slight tingling, heat, energy waves or funny sensations when they come near or move their open hand around 2-12 inches above the plates, this is real energy in action!

Small Plates

The small plates are light durable, portable, can easily be carried in a purse or jacket pocket and the front surface is waterproof.
  • Place your beverages, jewelry, vitamins, snacks, dinner plates, all foods, shampoo, soap, cosmetics, crystals etc... on this plate. You only need to place any of these items on any energy plate we offer for a few seconds to infuse the positive energies into the objects you place upon it!
  • You may also hold the energy plate up to or on different parts of your body and see what happens, experiment with it!
  • Many individuals use the plates to meditate with and get fantastic results!
  • You may also place the energy plate underneath your pillow while you sleep at night!
  • We have had reports of plants having incredible results, by placing your energy plate underneath them!
  • Pets can benefit as well, by placing on underneath their food or water dish!
  • Great to have a plate or two displayed on your office desk or home for general positive vibrations into your home, room or office atmosphere, a great conversation piece and makes a wonderful and unique gift!

Large Plates

The large plates are more delicate then the small plates, yet yield more power due to its larger size and the front surface area is also waterproof.
  • Place whole grocery bags of food on the plate, freshly laundered clothes, you can put anything on this plate that you can put on the small plates only difference is you can put more or larger objects on it!
  • Stand on the plate for instant energy that boosts your "Subtle Energy Grid Meridian System" *** Note: Only stand on the plate if the plate is on a completely flat and hard surface! Do not stand on the plate if you are on a carpet or any uneven surface, you may experience a bend or a crease in the plate!
  • The Large plates are not recommended to place underneath your pillow, however they are great to place underneath the bed itself!
  • We have had reports of plants having incredible results, by placing your energy plates underneath them!
  • Pets can benefit as well, by placing on underneath their food or water dish!
  • Great to have a plate or two displayed on your office desk or home for general positive vibrations into your home, room or office atmosphere, a great conversation piece and makes a wonderful and unique gift!
  • Or simply collect them as art pieces, the large plates are visually striking and breathtaking when viewed in person!

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Once you receive your product(s) if you are not fully satisfied with the product(s) then let us know within 30 calendar days and we will give you a full refund of your purchase total! – This 30-Day Money Back Guarantee excludes ( The Quantum Link Manifestation Amplifier Plate / & / The Advanced Quantum Matrix Manifestation Plate / All Sales Are Final For Those Two Items. ). This is due to the highly experimental nature of the “Advanced Quantum Matrix Manifestation Plate!” – In addition to this, all ” ( Large Size ) quantum energy power plate” returns, will endure a 30% of the purchase value “re-stocking fee.” – All other products returned, will receive a 100% full product value refund! – We are fully confident that once you have evaluated and used our product(s), you will make it a permanent addition to your life!

However if within 30-Days you decide the product isn’t right for you, you don’t ‘feel’ that the product(s) work, or if for any reason you aren’t fully satisfied then simply contacting us to start the return process. At this time we will promptly reply back with instructions and details on returning the product and returning you your purchase value. – If you need an extra 15 days to evaluate a product a little longer! – Just get in touch with us, and let us know! – We appreciate your interest in our energy wellness products!

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