Large Quantum Light Body Activator ~ Divine Crystal Resonator Of Purity Plate


The New Light Body Activator Plate helps clean your thoughts, emotions and mind on the subconscious level, so your manifestations are crystal clear and filled with your divine soul power!

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The New Large Quantum Light Body Activator! ~ Divine Crystal Resonator Of Purity Plate! ~ Size (12X18) Inches.
This is a true masterpiece of 100% pure divine holographic mathematical sacred geometry! ~ As a living transmitter / vortex of pure holy spirit life force… This immaculate creation deeply assists in purifying your
intent, cleaning your thoughts, emotions and mind, on the subconscious level, so your imagination, & manifestations are crystal clear, and filled with your divine soul power! ~ The New Quantum Light Body Activator Plate Is Over 100,000 x More Powerful, than the previous version! ~ The Usefullness Of The Quantum Light Body Activator Plate Cannot Be Over Estimated! ~ You Will Notice That The ( Small Version ) Of The Quantum Light Body Activator … Has Significantly More Quantum Light Holographic Mirror Diodes… Than The Large Version! ~ Making The Small Plate At Least Equal In Power! ~ Yet The Energy That Radiates  From The Smaller Plate…. is a very strong concentrated laser wave. ~ The Energy From This Plate Is Physically Tangible! ~ Whereas with the larger light body activator plate…  the energy is more diffused… and spread out! ~ Both Tremendously assisting in clearing your inner mind-scape & heart space!  ~ Releasing all inner trauma… as to be replaced with pure true inner peace & clarity!

About the Light Body Activator Plate

Beyond this dimension in so many ways, this plate immediately starts to help clear away “etheric debris” that are present mentally, emotionally, spiritually. One may experience a slowing down of time, a quieting of mind, an enhancement of senses and unusual sensations as one’s energy is raised and purified resulting in a greater awareness of one’s light bodies and true spiritual heritage. ~ This Light Body activator is also recommended as an optional accessory… when using any of our manifestation products… as to achieve maximum effectiveness!

The Light Body Activator pendant can also be used… as an accessory product for the Advanced Quantum Manifestation Matrix Manifestation Plate. We Recommend the Light Body Activator Plate to be used in conjunction with the Advanced Quantum Matrix Manifestation Plates. To help clear any energy blockages and make your manifestations as clear & powerful as possible!

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