The Soul of Creation and Infinite Dreamy Magic – Artwork

Life is about mystery! If you are not thinking about something mysterious, doing something mysterious, or moving towards something mysterious, then you have given up the passion for life itself? Life is one big unfolding mystery. How deep and mystical, do you want to get? Let the deepness flow.

What if you are all, just characters in my dream?
What if I am a character in your dream? ~ That is if you are even real.

Maybe I’m the one who is not real, and you are just dreaming me up…right now! ~ What kind of character in this “Shared Dream”, have you conjured up for yourself? Do you like it? Do you love it? How big are you dreaming? Does your waking dream scare you? How unlimited can you dream? How powerful are you in this dream? How powerful can you dream? ~ I am the master of deepness…I live within you…can you dive deep enough to find me?