Artwork Collection | Unlimited Enlightenment

Special Quantum Energized Artwork!
Created For You To Download!

Pure Infinite Thanks & Blessings My Dear Beloved Friends!
~ You Are Welcome To Print The Artwork!
~ Use To Place Food On Top To Energize And Balance Negative Energies!
~ Meditate With It!
~ Clear Your Energies With It!
~ Energize A Whole Room!
~ Place Underneath Your Bed… For Deeper More Powerful Dream Space!
~ And Much Much More Uses! ~ Thank You So Much! ~ Enjoy!

Artwork ~ Blue Light Of Eternal Peace

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Artwork ~ Blue Light of Peace

The Blue Light Of Eternal Peace. – Is The Bringer Of Inner Freedom And Clarity… A State Of Being Where You Carry No Burdens Of The Past With You… A State Of Being Where Every Breath You Take… Is The Freshest Cool Spring Air That Cleanses Your Soul… A State Of Being Where You Carry No Mental Weight, No Emotional Weight, No Physical Weight, And No Spiritual Burden. – Where Your Consciousness Is Free To Roam The Cosmos, And Explore All Of The Spectacular Magical Wonders That Creation Has To Offer! – Its Not About… What You Are Willing To Do To Reach Enlightenment! – Its About… What You Are Willing To Let Go Of… To Realize The Truth! – To Be Spiritually Reborn!… You Must Let Go Of The Past…. Not Just Things About The Past. – However The Entire Past. – Even 5 Mins Ago! – Even What You Think You Are!… Your Alleged Identity.  – Are You Willing To Let Go Of What You Think You Currently Are… On All Levels? – For That Is The Only Way To See What You Really Are… Beneath Your, Beliefs, Definitions, Opinions, Assumptions, And False Identifications… Of What You Currently Think You Are. – There Can Be No Spiritual Rebirth…. Without Letting Go Of The Entire Concept Of The Past. – You Must Literally Become Newness Itself! – And Newness Cannot Be Measured, Described, Or Defined. – Newness Is Not A Solid Thing… It Is Total Change In Every Living Moment. – For Newness Is The Source Of Life Itself!
My Love Is Always Eternally With You! – Rxx – Power Of Soul

Artwork ~ Golden Orange Soft Love of God!

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Artwork ~ Orange Soft Love of God

The Golden Orange Soft Love Of God – Brings Forth A Warm Golden Orange Penetrating Flow Of The Creators True Eternal Loving Nurturing Spiritual Vibration. – This Golden Orange Soft Love Of God Quantum Power Plate Contains A Six Sided Inner-Dimensional Spinning Vortex… With A Center Point Of Pure Radiant Warm Loving Light… Constantly Emitting & Flowing From This Spectacular Golden Chariot Of The Supreme Beings Eternal Magical Essence… That Sustains All Of Life & Creation In The Universe! – As You Look Into This Image And Power Plate… You Can See & Feel This Warm Loving Burst Of Eternal Radiant Light… That Is Spinning, Radiating, Penetrating, Nurturing, And Covering You Like A Soft Warm Blanket… Right To The Center Of Your Soul… For This Is The Spiritual Golden Light Of The Creator… That Can Never Be Dimmed Of Affected By Darkness. –  Understand… That No Amount Of Darkness Can Put Out The Light Of A Candle’s Flame. – And Your True Divine Soul Is That Eternal Radiating Flame! – Use This Quantum Power Plate… To Resonate More & More… To Your True Source Of Eternal Radiate Loving Light Within… To Light Up All Darkness Within Your Soul… To Shine The Divine Light Within Your Consciousness… And To Show You First Hand… That The  Fear You Once Held… And The Boogey Men & Shadows Forces That We Are Taught To Believe Exist… Can Only Exist In Dark Vibrations & Dark Distorted Fearful Thoughts & Beliefs… And When You Shine The Divine Light… Then Dark Vibrations, Dark Distorted Fearful Thoughts & Beliefs!…. Simply Vanish As Though They Never Existed At All! – You Are The True Divine Soul Is That Eternally Radiating That Pure Golden Flame Of Higher Wellness, Balance, Purity & Eternal Immaculate Splendor! – May The Blessings Be… Eternally.

Artwork ~ Violet Flower of Innocent Wonder!

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Artwork ~ Violet Flower of Innocent Wonder

The Violet Flower Of Innocent Wonder – Instantly brings one into a state of innocent magical nostalgic reverie… A state of innocent magical wonder & childlike soul purity… Its crystalline starry lights & brilliant sparkling shining stars …remind you and take you back to your true cosmic home… that you know you truly spiritually belong to and emerge from. – The tender magical flower in the middle with its 5 points of cosmic light… stimulate inner spiritual light codes of dreamy magical innocence …. That we naturally dwelled within as cosmic children born of light from the stars… star children, star seeds, cosmic children of the universe, bursting with the magical joy of life, vividly alive with innocent magical bliss… And Never ending dreamy magic!… Truly one of the most eye catching and beautiful magical quantum energy power plates to this date!  – Placing this power plate underneath your pillow or bed itself… will do wonders for your sleep state! – Merely holding this power plate and looking at it… will start to wash away painful past memories that constantly re-emerge in your memories as re-occurring mental emotional trauma. – Use this plate to heal your emotional loneliness, emotional trauma, your emotional negative views of yourself & your darkened views of humanity & the world as a whole! – This plate truly is a cosmic emotional healer from beyond all beyonds… A gift from nature itself…. A gift to yourself…. You are pure Innocent magical wonder…

Artwork ~ Soft Purple Pure White Light of Inner Magic!

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Artwork ~ Soft Purple Pure White Light of Inner Magic

The Soft Purple Pure White Light Of Inner Magic! – Is truly soft beautiful and immaculately pleasing to ones senses & eyes! – It embodies the soft majestic purple white light of pure loving harmony, soothing ones soul… while gently purifying your mind, intentions, motivations, with a nurturing spiritual energy of magical guidance. Its soft diffused rays of light and inner geometrical harmony re-organize your brainwaves & bio-energy field… to move from a left analytical data based frame of mind… to a loving, accepting, artistic, healing, and relaxing state of being within your soul. – Instantly changing your minds focus to a soft gentle, intelligent, wise and loving state of being, in which your entire cellular structure moves into a natural cosmic energetic balance where true inner harmony can flow… immediately taking you out of dis-harmonic mental patterns that drain your natural life force… Let this Soft Purple Pure White Light Of Inner Magic quantum power plate, relax your mind, body, emotions & spirit… So you can receive the immaculate magical blessings that the universe has waiting for you … shining in each and every single moment!

Inner Master Dream Weaver Artwork Collection

“The Inner Master Dream Weaver”

If You Can Recall Even One Dream!? ~ Or Had A Lucid Dream!? ~ Then You Know What It Is Like To Visit! Another Dimension! ~ Congratulations!

We all can Visit An unlimited Amount Of Other Amazing Worlds! ~ As We Start To Realize Just How Infinite & vast! ~ Our own inner landscape truly is!? ~ You will start to draw upon the unlimited imagination! ~ That you truly are! ~ You will transcend limited idea’s about reality…more and more each day! ~ Until you suddenly realize that you are the pure divine loving adventurous magical soul! ~ That you always dreamed of!

The Inner Master Dream Weaver ) Artwork Collection Was Designed Not Only Assist You In Recalling Your Dreams! ~ However They Are Designed To Also Assist You To Bring About A More Vivid! ~ Lucid! ~ Realistic! ~ Interactive! ~ Unlimited Dream State Experience Each Night!

View The Artwork Just Before You Rest ~ In Meditation! ~ Helping Bring About A Completely Different Energetic Being! ~ A Deeper Merging Of Your Twin Dream Body! ~ Your Infinite Self! ~ That Is Permanently Aware Of All Cosmic Wisdom! ~ Cosmic Love! ~ & Cosmic Magical Truth!

Tips For Become More Aware In The Dream State!

  1. Never use the term “going to sleep” when you are closing your eyes to rest the body for the night.
  2. The Term “Sleep” indicates “Non Awareness” ~ This is a magical word spell… That makes you forget and pay no attention to the significance of your other “Inner Dream World Experiences You Encounter at “Body Rest Time”.
  3. These are real experiences that are of an unlimited nature… that you can explore! You never sleep!…. you can only ignore or forget!
  4. Instead of going to sleep, Just know, that you are going to enter “Another Unlimited Dimension of Yourself!”… Learn to explore this universe in your non 3D physical body state!
  5. No more sleep! ~ Only Unlimited Awakeness! ~ No need to let magical spell words… lul you back into a state of unconsciousness… unawakeness or forgetfullness…. Your Inner Dream worlds… are just as real and important as what is happening
    in this 3D physical world!

Learn the power of becoming fully awake in the “Unlimited Dream Inner World State!“… Where You Can Roam the Unlimited Universe in your “Inner World Light Body” ~ When you can merge these two worlds together?… The inner and the outer… in a waking state?… This is when true magic happens!

You are a Universal Explorer… First and Foremost! ~ Pure Unlimited Magical Adventure!… Waiting to be Unleashed! ~ My Love is Always With You! ~ Power Of Soul!

It’s Your Lucky Day

No matter how much darkness that you throw at a lit candle flame, it does not go out. You are that light! You are that flame! Shine on!!

The Elegant Universe

We are truly all walking each other home, home to true paradise, home to true unified divine brilliant immaculate bliss, home to our true selves.

Pure Honesty – The Deepest of Truths – Artwork

Pure Honesty!
Reality is an illusion!
You are imagining it all!
Right Now!
In Your Mind!

How would you know what anything is…
if you were not imagining its meaning,
right here and now, in this moment?

Test it out!
Change your thoughts and
watch your world change!

You Know This Is The Truth!