7 Logically Divine Steps

7 Logically Divine Steps

Wisdom From Beyond All Beyonds! ~ Exactly How Reality Operates! The Logic Of Pure Divinity! ~ 7 Logically Divine Steps!

  1. Your intention is the designer of your reality!
  2. Your imagination works out the fine details (Of what you want to happen).
  3. Your Heart / Soul ( The True God Within ) then assesses your imagination! ~ To see if it is based on honesty & truth.. or not.
  4. Then Your mouth speaks the words of magic… to make it all happen!
  5. Your Heart / Soul ( The True God Within ) … Keeps a log of all decisions you have ever made!… And why you made them!
  6. This Determines Your Current State Of Consciousness! / Inner Peace! / Joy! / Bliss! / Love!… And Awareness Of Yourself!… God!… Truth!… And All Of Creation!
  7. May This Wisdom… Allow You To See A More Expanded View… Into The Nature Of Your Own Personal Reality! <3 ✨ ✨O:)

You Are Pure Magical Paradise! – My Love Is Always With You! – Power Of Soul!

Eternal Divine Blessings! ~Rene

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