8 Ways to Master Your Life!

8 Ways to Master Your Life!

The best thing in the universe you can do for yourself!

Is to release your time table!… and relax your sense of urgency. ~ In order for one to see… and comprehend the great mysteries of the universe?… And truths of reality / and of all creation!? ~ One must always be in a relaxed… non-rushed… non hurried state of being! ~ A Non pressured state! ~ Totally balanced and self assured!… in ones path to truth! ~ Otherwise one is constantly the pressure of invisible deadlines!… self unsatisfaction! … continual worry!… and self judgmental mental chatter.

You Never Had Control Of Your Life! ~ So Don’t Worry About Losing Control!

Simply realize!….these two facts!

  1. Every moment is “ALWAYS” 100% brand new!
  2. We never know… what is going to happen next!

If these two facts are true! ~ Which they are! ~ Then you never could have had any control… because every moment is “always new!”… and you never know… what is gonna happen next! ~ So you never ever had control! ~ Not even once! ~ You were only pretending you had control!

The only thing we have 100% control of in any moment!? ~ Is our attitude / imagination! ~ Your attitude!?… will either attract, divine loving imagination! ~ or ~ It will either attract, deceptive fearful imagination! ~ Depending on your true honest intent… in any given moment!

All is in perfect order. ~ The universe knows what it is doing… more than you… ~ So just relax sit back! ~ And watch the show of life! ~ And Simply Observe it… and yourself without judgment! ~ Only then… will you be open to learning the truth… of yourself and of all life!

How To Master Life!

To Master Life! ~ Is to be highly aware of everything, that happening in your immediate reality ( Inwardly & Outwardly ) in each and every moment! ~ Thus responding to each moment, with spontaneous perfection! ~ According to what is occurring… in the newness experience… of every evolving harmonious moment! ~ Your endless interaction, with your own immediate living vivid experience inner being & outer environment! ~ Recognizing, and operating your value system… based on 100% Truthful, Divinely Sovereign, & Self Assured, Pure Loving, Self Honesty!

~ Eternal Divine Blessings! ~Rene