Unconditional Loving Acceptance of Yourself!

blue star of soul

clean blue purity

deep inner star

soft innocent brilliance

Welcome my friend,

Peace is 100% Unconditional Loving Acceptance of Yourself! When you choose to love yourself 100% unconditionally? ~ Then You Will Experience “The Deep Peace and Love of God”… In all moments! ~ And when you love yourself 100% unconditionally!? ~ Then you will love all others!.. And the whole rest of creation 100% unconditionally! ~ Total Divine Everlasting Bliss!…

Everything is Complete Perfection!… Until we apply a negative idea to what we are experiencing! ~ And then suddenly everything appears to be un-perfect! ~ Even though it is still… truly perfect!

All thinking is a result of trying to figure out.. what each moment means! ~ However it is the thinking… that prevents you from figuring it out! ~ Because one is too busy thinking about the now moment… to actually silently observe it… and study it… without labeling or judging it… in order to observe its natural meaning… that exist in its perfect state…without labels…or descriptions. ~ The meaning of every moment is self explanatory and obvious… only when one stops labeling and describing everything….that one is looking at!

The issue that arises from labeling something or someone? ~ Is That…You may end up believing that label! ~ For once you believe one label!? You will unexpectedly find yourself in the (earthly mental prison matrix) called “Label Land” ~ This is the land that 99.9% of adults on earth…find themselves in! ~ It is a land, in which your mind is literally forced to label and describe everything! That it is looking at and experiencing moment to moment!

Yes behind all labels is a presence of true unlimited divine love! ~ That will make everyone’s heart burst with joy! & infinite majestic beauty!

~ You Are Pure Paradise! ~ My Love Is Always With You! ~ Power of Soul!