Elevate Your Creativity


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The Creator

You must hold it in your mind that you are a creator!?

When you worry? ~~ > You create the very thing that you are worrying about. ~ The more you worry…the more likely you are to manifest…the currently non-existing circumstance…that you wish to avoid to begin with! ~ Seize control of your imagination ~ Make it work for you! ~ Instead of against you!

You Are Greater Than Your Dreams Because It Is You…Who Dreams Them!

Do you really think…that something that you dream up, or create, can possibly be greater or more powerful, than you!? The very source of the dreams themselves!?

Not a chance in holy hell! ~ lmao!
That would be completely absurd!!!
And completely illogical, to even entertain that notion!

You are the Eternal Champion ~ Forever and Always!

Train yourself, to allow unconditional magic, to flow in and out of your reality…in new ways for each and every new moment!

~ Let the Innocence Flow ~ Power of Soul ~
Rene Hamilton