It’s Your Lucky Day

No matter how much darkness that you throw at a lit candle flame, it does not go out. You are that light! You are that flame! Shine on!! Darkness is only a temporary forgetting of the Pure Magical Loving Soul that you truly are! When you imagine darkness within yourself…you also imagine it outside of yourself, and in others! Imagination can be a blessing or a curse. Why create horror stories for yourself? When you can create Pure Magic Naturally! Merely by letting go of all the horror stories and ideas that cause you stress and suffering! I mean that is the whole point of life…to be as naturally accepting, joyous and harmonious as your true pure loving self in each moment as possible! Shine on!! ~ Nothing can stop you…because there is nothing to stop you! There is only you and your light! ;) I will not even acknowledge the illusions of darkness as having any authority over you or me! How can an illusion have authority over anything TRUE at all? YOU ARE THE TRUTH, JUST AS YOU ARE RIGHT NOW! You never have not been Pure Truth and Perfection! Only dark lies from the abyss of illusion, had persuaded you to believe this non-sense of being imperfect, as you are right here and now, in this brand new fresh, never happened before, timeless unjudgeable infinite moment!.

~ ~ Power of Soul ~ Rene Hamilton ~