The Elegant Universe

Welcome my friend,I’m glad to see you are returning to true innocence, celebrating your new beginning, your immaculate beautiful and forever innocent brilliant presence. Thank you for being you ~ and ~ thank you for choosing the path that you have chosen…

We are truly all walking each other home, home to true paradise, home to true unified divine brilliant immaculate bliss, home to our true selves. Return to magical innocence, the endless dreamy beauty, peace & eternal beautiful loving bliss!

You are being cheered on by literally trillions of angelic souls. By all of the celestial heavens itself who wish nothing more than to see you triumph. To see you experience the true immaculate joy, the eternal joy of your own beautiful magical awakening. Awaken into beautiful loving magical wonder and enjoy each and every moment unfolding into endless immaculate perfection!

You are ready to curiously explore all of creation in total wonder & awe. Being like a curious, open minded, adventurous, child explorer ~ make it an adventure for you ~ to explore your own true self and return to innocence and return to open minded unconditional love. You have a whole universe in your own imagination to explore, it is time to turn your attention inward, to discover all of the infiniteness that we hold within ourselves.

It is time to consciously create a whole new world for ourselves ~ based on truth ~ love ~ infinite imagination ~ abundance ~ magic ~ mystery ~ adventure ~ intelligence ~ joy ~ wisdom ~ clarity ~ inner peace ~ and total harmony!

~ Power of Soul ~ Rene Hamilton