Artwork ~ Violet Flower of Innocent Wonder!

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Artwork ~ Violet Flower of Innocent Wonder

The Violet Flower Of Innocent Wonder – Instantly brings one into a state of innocent magical nostalgic reverie… A state of innocent magical wonder & childlike soul purity… Its crystalline starry lights & brilliant sparkling shining stars …remind you and take you back to your true cosmic home… that you know you truly spiritually belong to and emerge from. – The tender magical flower in the middle with its 5 points of cosmic light… stimulate inner spiritual light codes of dreamy magical innocence …. That we naturally dwelled within as cosmic children born of light from the stars… star children, star seeds, cosmic children of the universe, bursting with the magical joy of life, vividly alive with innocent magical bliss… And Never ending dreamy magic!… Truly one of the most eye catching and beautiful magical quantum energy power plates to this date!  – Placing this power plate underneath your pillow or bed itself… will do wonders for your sleep state! – Merely holding this power plate and looking at it… will start to wash away painful past memories that constantly re-emerge in your memories as re-occurring mental emotional trauma. – Use this plate to heal your emotional loneliness, emotional trauma, your emotional negative views of yourself & your darkened views of humanity & the world as a whole! – This plate truly is a cosmic emotional healer from beyond all beyonds… A gift from nature itself…. A gift to yourself…. You are pure Innocent magical wonder…