Artwork ~ Soft Purple Pure White Light of Inner Magic!

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Artwork ~ Soft Purple Pure White Light of Inner Magic

The Soft Purple Pure White Light Of Inner Magic! – Is truly soft beautiful and immaculately pleasing to ones senses & eyes! – It embodies the soft majestic purple white light of pure loving harmony, soothing ones soul… while gently purifying your mind, intentions, motivations, with a nurturing spiritual energy of magical guidance. Its soft diffused rays of light and inner geometrical harmony re-organize your brainwaves & bio-energy field… to move from a left analytical data based frame of mind… to a loving, accepting, artistic, healing, and relaxing state of being within your soul. – Instantly changing your minds focus to a soft gentle, intelligent, wise and loving state of being, in which your entire cellular structure moves into a natural cosmic energetic balance where true inner harmony can flow… immediately taking you out of dis-harmonic mental patterns that drain your natural life force… Let this Soft Purple Pure White Light Of Inner Magic quantum power plate, relax your mind, body, emotions & spirit… So you can receive the immaculate magical blessings that the universe has waiting for you … shining in each and every single moment!